Ryan is an indigenous (Pawnee & Kaw) Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a potential Ancestor, a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor, a Son, a Non-Religious Spiritual Director, a Healer, an Apatheist, a Mindfulness Teacher, a Creative, a Pastor’s Spouse, a Taco Afficinato, a Dad, a Lover of Aussie Rules Football, an Uncle, and an Old School Punker that loves R&B and Soul and Sludge and Classical and Neoclassical Dark Wave and New Wave and the Bakersfield Sound.
He believes that all of us are amazing humans. In this belief he seeks to assist people in awakening their truest self. The path to our truest self is diverse and fluid. Ryan believes that it is possible to heal the wounds that hurt us and to change behaviors & beliefs that get in the way of our health.