Nothing Else Matters

Jan 25, 2024

I would love to have understood the power of perspective as a teenager. I can only imagine what folly and adventure I may have not experienced.

Perspective costs us little to nothing to shift or change. I have often seen that by simply looking at something in a different manner new possibilities emerge. Thanks to evolutionary biology we only do different when we have to. The other portion of time we are so connected or invested in what or where we are that doing different binds us to the suffering.

When I am attempting to perceive differently I ask myself, “What is “this” speaking to me?” I seek to have a conversation with myself and the universe. No matter what “this” is I seek to hold an open and honest conversation. I do not dismiss anything. I judge nothing. I just listen and experience it all. I have often been able to shift perspective and find that different I was looking for.

What perspective are you holding on to? What might your life be like if you shifted perspective?

There is only one way to find out…