Jan 23, 2024

I want you to know that in the past few weeks (feels like years) it has been difficult for many. We end 2023 with hope for a better year in 2024. Here in Topeka we got our firs snow on the 5th of January to be followed by an average of 15 degrees over the course of 19 days. There is still snow on the ground here!

Everything seemingly costs more. We’ve been enduring with the promise of a better tomorrow. And here is tomorrow, where is that better?

Emotions, how many times have we wished for none? “If only I did not feel anything. Life would be so much better.” Emotions are a normative experience for this human endeavor. What if I felt these pesky emotions and learned to hear them and then allowed them to be a part of our actions and not the sole designer of our action?

Emotions are important to this human experience. Without emotion we do not love, rejoice, experience gratitude, or sometimes enjoy that jalapeno cheeseburger. If we can have a healthier relationship with our emotions and be able to articulate them to those the matter in our lives than what sort of foundation is presented to us? What kind of healthy, happy, or adventure awaits?

There is only one way to find out…