Mah Na Mah Na

Jan 21, 2024

When I begin to work with someone I often begin with the practice of building awareness. What is or is not. Without malice or judgement, What do I experience? What could my life look like if I let go of the binary of good & bad? What would happen if I stopped using “I can’t” and used empowering statements?

In a world without good or bad we invite ourselves into a world in which health and unhealth are viable options. There is mobility to healthy from unhealthy. In a world without “can’t” there is a world of “I don’t know how to?”, “I am afraid to?”, and “I don’t want to.” These are statements that draw us into what we might need to know how, not be afraid, or what do you need to want to.

What would your life look like without good or bad? What is your healthy and unhealthy? What could you do without “I can’t!”

There is only one way to find out…