I got the Anger

Jan 17, 2024

Anger. There have been times in my life that felt as if all I had available to me was anger.

Most fellas are equipped with two things, 1) anger and 2) sex is intimacy. These are not the building blocks of a healthy life. This is not to say that sex is unhealthy nor that anger is unhealthy. Both of these have a purpose and place. I am saying that one cannot build a healthy, full life only using these two things. I see this often in my work. (There will be more on this later.)

If I am guided by anger what can I expect?

I know personally that when anger is not a driving force much more is possible. Anger tethers us to scarcity. Scarcity pits us against others. When pitted against others peace is not possible for we are at war.

If I have peace I have everything. Underneath anger is most often a deluge of emotions that have long been denied or ignored. This is central to the concept of the “Anger Ice burg.” When I welcome the fullness of the human emotional endeavor I welcome my full humanity into my being. In with the good shit and out with the bullshit.

What could you do without all that anger? What sort of possibilities await? Just for today, I am free of anger.

There is only one way to find out…