Fear, not the band, the emotion

Jan 15, 2024

In 2001 I drove north from Los Angeles to the beautiful seaside town of Ventura and enjoyed The Warped Tour. I meandered around the booths and came upon a booth in which Lee Ving, the front man of FEAR, was hanging out handing out tall boys of Budweiser to festival goers.

I declined the offer but asked him if he would sign an empty can for my brother, who loved the band. He did so and my brother had this can on display for years. I have never been a fan of the band Fear. I do happen to be a connoisseur of fear, the emotion.

Fear has been a consistent companion. It held me in an addiction. It shadowed and clouded a path to healthy. Fear was my iot or co-pilot for decades.

When I was given this gem, “Just for today I will live my life free of fear.” I really had no idea of its power. I honesty took it as to not offend the friend that offered it to me. I did test it out as a morning affirmation and it was the one that fell off the quickest.

In my meditative practice I brought this affirmation with me. There is practiced discipline and recited this affirmation daily. Eventually, it had a profound affect on me. I discovered that when I challenged my old friend, Fear, I was able to enter into a more peaceful state. Over time this practice of challenging fear welcomed me into changes I desired. It was not magic as much as it was a practice.

What could be if you invited yourself to challenge fear and let it go. Perhaps even replace fear with peace or confidence?

There is only one way to find out…