Lloyd Dobler ain’t got shit on me. I’m a star-crossed lover of my own Ms. Court. Longing and aching for a place to call home.

But I’d settle for a place to launch into the abyss.

Misunderstood for as long as I can remember. Healing and awakening to the reality that it’s been my misunderstanding all along.

Life is difficult but not impossible. I’d like to start living while I can. It’s pretty tough to dream when you’re dead. I think?

The happy ending I’ve been looking for has been here all along. That loving feeling is gone…gone…gone. Oh, o-o.

What I’m bring back today is a settled place of hope and truth. I am worthy if good things. I am amazing.

Published by ryan

LSCSW/LCAC/MDiv. Senex Punker. Indigenous. Anti-Racist. Pro-Karuṇā. Seeking Maitrī. Contemplative. Creative. Dad. Tacos! Powerlifter. Sex+. Selenophile

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