Conquered Conquer

I discovered power. I sought a path between the old and new. I found myself.

You taught me to hate myself. You punished love, smiles, and joy. You called me savage and uncivilized.

You hate yourself. You were jealous of my happiness. I was content and you hated that. You hurt. You consumed everything because you yourself were consumed.

I am still here. My presence is testament of the indomitable will of my ancestors. Despite the atrocities perpetrated upon my people I am here. Your desire to win blinds your ability to live.

We survived the weapons of religion, war, and inhumanity. We have not lost ourselves. We rise out of the ashes of yesterday’s fires and light a path of harmony.

I am a shining star in the heavens of the Pawnee Nation. I am a proud sovereign son the Kaw Nation.

I love. I live. I am here.

I forgive you.

Published by ryan

LSCSW/LCAC/MDiv. Senex Punker. Indigenous. Anti-Racist. Pro-Karuṇā. Seeking Maitrī. Contemplative. Creative. Dad. Tacos! Powerlifter. Sex+. Selenophile

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