Holy Shit!

I am in a period of awakening. Not the kind of awakening one encounters in puberty or at a weekend silent retreat.

I’m experiencing an awakening in which that which I imagined I am is not the whole story. The reality in which I live is stripped away and the universal ness of my being is revealed.

I would have loved to taste all the dreams and wishes I waded through. Thank a shit is utterly calorie free. Instead, I adulted like a real adult and bought a car. A new to me car for the first time in my life.

The universe revealed itself to me and I signed up for a damn car loan. Go, me!!!

Published by ryan

LSCSW/LCAC/MDiv. Senex Punker. Indigenous. Anti-Racist. Pro-Karuṇā. Seeking Maitrī. Contemplative. Creative. Dad. Tacos! Powerlifter. Sex+. Selenophile

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